Venezuelan Origin 41% milk couverture block with chilli and toffee.

Native to South America, chilli is a hot fruit of the capsicum family. In it's ground form, chilli is referred to as a spice. A variety of chillies have been selected to create a pleasant warming sensation. Shards of toffee add texture and harmonise the warmth of the chillies. Combined with a Venezuelan 41% milk couverture, renowned for its caramel overtones, the end result is a balanced and warming chocolate.

Ingredients: Milk couverture (refined sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cacao liquor Carnero Superior, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla), chilli toffee (sugar, chilli powder, pepper)

Gluten free
Weight: 110g



Allergy advice: 
Due to the manufacturing environment, all of our products may contain traces of nuts. Each of the chocolate boxes comes with a menu specifying the variety of chocolates included in the box and if it contains dairy, gluten or nuts as an ingredient.  

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