X O C O L A T L . O N L I N E . D E L I V E R Y . O P T I O N S

X O C O L A T L . O N L I N E . D E L I V E R Y . O P T I O N S

By Clint Sutherland

X O C O L A T L . O N L I N E . D E L I V E R Y . O P T I O N S

During this difficult period, we have now have many delivery options to choose from when purchasing online.  Here is a list of your options explained!  

1. Free Local Delivery 

For the first time ever amid all the CoVid-19 chaos, we are now delivering in local areas around our stores for free.  As you check out, all you need to do is select 'Local Delivery' as you check out and enter your delivery postcode and the system will tell you if you qualify.   Then you choose your delivery date - easy!   

* please note, we'll do every thing we can to get this out to you as you request, however with Easter and high demand, we may need to contact you.  

2. 'Click & Collect' or STORE PICKUP

As we don't ship all of our products due to delicacy, if you don't qualify for local delivery, you can also take a trip in store to pick up what it is you need.  Just choose what you would like, choose 'stock pickup' and make payment.   All you need to do is collect on your chosen day...   and then you could also enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate when you come to collect too!

 3. Postage (under the 'Shipping' option)

We offer express postage for most of our 'standard' products.  And we can post around Australia **.  

 4.  Same Day Courier - Metro Melbourne Only.  (under the 'Shipping' option)

If you put your order in before midday, we can almost always get your order in a courier**.  

**Again due to a 3rd party handling, Easter Eggs are not advised to be sent out in this method as we cannot control how they are handled between our premise and your house. 

If you have difficulty or have a question about the process, please don't hesitate in contacting us.   As we expand our online presence and offering, we appreciate any user experience feedback.