Our Family


Xocolatl is an owned and operated family business that was established in 2005 in our quaint store on Maling Road, Canterbury.   Since the very beginning, our philosophy has been to create the most superior and eclectic couverture products. 

When creating our couverture products what excites us and keeps our passion alive is experimenting with ingredients. While we are inspired by and respect tradition, we are driven by innovation.

Beginning with the highest quality Belgian couverture, to produce unique flavour experiences for our customer, Xocolatl explores both the exotic and savoury, developing combinations that surprise the palate and generate a new perspective on what chocolate can be. Equally important is to respect the integrity of our ingredients so we use only what is fresh and of the highest quality available.

Our boutique stores are where we can share our passion for chocolate. We are service orientated and always hope to provide a relaxed and comforting ambience in store for those who visit. However, what we hope most of all is that when you leave us after devouring a decadent treat, you were able to taste our secret ingredient - love.


Family to Family

In 2011 we made a conscious decision to use only Fair Trade Certified Belgian Couverture. Many of the cocoa plantations around the world are also family operated businesses and with the understanding of the struggles that small business can face, we decided that one way we can give back is by purchasing couverture that is certified by the Fair Trade Organisation.  By paying a slight premium on our couverture, we’re able to help educate farmers and families and provide them with the basic infrastructure to run an effective business. 





An Artist’s Eye

All of the artwork found on our packaging has been drawn or painted by Master Chocolatier and Founder, Christos Partsioglou.  Having studied Fine Arts at RMIT, he is able to bring his artist’s eye to each product he creates and carries that same skill through to our packaging. 

Every year we celebrate big occasions with a themed designed painted by Christos, making our loved and popular chocolates that extra special.