On the Coffee Front

By Tirta Rahmawati

A few may have noticed a few changes around the place including new coffee machines and new coffee.

“The only permanent thing in life is change” - Heraclitus.

Same goes with business, and change dependent on consumer trends, demands and supplier dynamics.

It was a difficult to decision to make, but the decision from moving on from our previous coffee supplier to our new supplier, 5 Senses, was for the best interest of our business’ developmental growth.

There was nothing ever wrong with the coffee that we were previously using, in fact it was a great product, but we felt that it was time to move at the risk of loosing customers.


For those of you who know us personally, we’re a honest family… sometimes too honest, but we think it’s important, that you, our valued customers, understand the decisions that we make are in the interest in delivering you a better product.

So below are the reasons for a move.


1.     Our investment in new equipment.
It’s always pretty exciting to get a new piece of equipment, and the Synesso that you now see in store are pretty much the moving up from a Toyota to a Ferrari.  The single group boilers allow for stable temperature, and therefore consistent extraction, and a better and more consistent tasting coffee.


2.     Their Product - 5 Senses Coffee.

In their words…
“We have a dedicated green bean buying and quality assurance team that is building direct relationships with coffee producers around the world. These relationships provide both the grower and buyer (us) surety in the long term, allowing us to invest in them thus enabling them to produce better coffee and be rewarded more equitably for their efforts.”

An example of the company’s transparency is the trip Maddy took to Bali.


3.     5 Senses and the Australian Barista Academy’s Support.
What an awesome bunch of people! These guys really know what they are talking about and the number of qualifications they have under their belts is pretty phenomenal.  And what does this mean for our customers?  An extensive training program with ongoing support means that we can deliver you a better product.

With their valued help, we hope to bring you some pretty exciting things over the next 12 months, so ask us questions, we would love to talk to you about what we're up to. So make sure you watch this space!