Ethnic Business Awards

By Tirta Rahmawati

2015 proved to be a very exciting year for Christos!

In addition to having a solo art exhibition (see Self Titled) he also made it through to the finals of the Ethnic Business Awards.

The EBA have been running in Australia since 1988 and the awards celebrate “diversity and multiculturalism, and the achievements of migrants who come to Australia with a “suitcase full of dreams”. “

Being anonymously nominated for the small business section, the process to the finals included Christos telling his story; how he arrived in Australia, his struggles and his triumphs – both personally and professionally.

He and his family left Greece in 1969, when dad was the age of 11, only brining 1 suitcase for a family of 5.  As with many migrants, no one in his family spoke English.  His story demonstrates perseverance, flexibility, adaptability and commitment.

So to that anonymous soul that nominated our dad… a massive thank you!  We are very proud of what our dad has achieved and it was a beautiful experience to be able to share his story.

Christos (left) his old sister Erasmia, and older brother, Bill.
Serres, Greece, 1963