Easter at Xocolatl

Master Chocolatier and fine artist, Christos and his daughter Tina are devoted to experimenting with ingredients to create unique culinary masterpieces that consider taste and flavour combinations, texture, mouthfeel, shape, originality and presentation.

Tradition is their inspiration but they are driven by innovation.

At Easter time they enjoy hand crafting quality Belgian couverture into a range of festive master pieces. Their collection ranges from beautifully hand decorated Easter figurines to themed individual bonbons. And their Art Series including Mondrian to Pollock, are definitely something to inspire your tastebuds.

From all of us Xocolatl we wish you a very Happy Easter and hope that while you enjoy this decadent treat you are able to taste our secret ingredient - love.

Due to the delicacy of our Easter products, all items except the pre-made gift boxes are available for 'Click and Collect' and considering this year's circumstances, we'll be offering delivery options around our stores.  For more details please read our release
If choosing 'click & collect' choose the correct store and pick up date before placing the order.

** Please note, as all of our product is made by hand, there will be variations in colours, patterns and texture.