Renovations to our Kitchen

It has been an exciting journey for us over the past 8 years at Xocolatl. Within 2 years of trading, we outgrow our first kitchen at Maling Road. The solution was to relocate to Kew East where there would be more space but now, we've also outgrown that kitchen too!

Extending the kitchen has been in the pipeline for sometime now, and it's finally happening. Over the next 6 months, we will be extending the space of our production premise by three times in order to produce lots more new and exciting couverture products. As a...

Easter at Xocolatl

All our Easter stock is now available for ordering and purchase through our stores!

In Xocolatl tradition, we have an extensive range of easter products, suitable for all ages and all price ranges, from our traditional easter eggs and bunnies to our Art Collection range of easter eggs.



Unfortunately, we're currently not selling our Easter Eggs through our online store due to difficulties in postage.   However, we do take orders for our products which can be collected during trading hours.