Bagels at Xocolatl?

Look out!

Introducing a new delicious addition to Xocolatl food range, boiled bagels from 5&Dime which come in savoury and sweet options. Have yours with cream cheese and salmon or turkey, avocado, with cranberry sauce, or opt for fresh strawberries with homemade hazelnut couverture spread, or banana and peanut couverture spread. That being said, of course you can do your own combination! 

Sneak peek below.

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on Sesame Seed Bagel

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2016 Holiday Trading Hours


25th – 27th Dec CLOSED

28th – 30th Dec 8am – 5:30pm

31st Dec 9am – 3pm

1st – 2nd Jan CLOSED

Reopen 3rd Jan Normal Trading Hours


25th – 26th Dec CLOSED

27th – 30th Dec 8am – 3pm

31st Dec 9am – 3pm

1st – 9th Jan CLOSED

Reopen 10th Jan Normal Trading Hours


25th Dec – 15th Jan CLOSED

Reopen 16th Jan Normal Trading Hours

Easter 2016

As soon as Christmas finished, we began creating Easter Eggs to make sure we have enough stock for the people of Melbourne.

From traditional Easter Eggs to playful figurines to our Art Series collection – all are made with Belgian couverture, all are made with love.

Family to Family 
In support of family businesses in cocoa production, we only use Fairtrade certified couverture.

Due to our kitchen environment all our products MAY CONTAIN TRACES of nuts, gluten or dairy.
However, our Easter eggs have no added ingredients, therefore we have options available for...

Ethnic Business Awards

2015 proved to be a very exciting year for Christos!

In addition to having a solo art exhibition (see Self Titled) he also made it through to the finals of the Ethnic Business Awards.

The EBA have been running in Australia since 1988 and the awards celebrate “diversity and multiculturalism, and the achievements of migrants who come to Australia with a “suitcase full of dreams”. “

Being anonymously nominated for the small business section, the process to the finals included Christos telling his story; how he arrived in Australia, his struggles and his triumphs – both personally and professionally.


Self Titled

Our Master Chocolatier just finished his first solo exhibition at Step Gallery in Carlton.

Having studied Fine Arts at RMIT many moons ago, Christos has put time aside from his busy schedule of running a business, to work on his art.  Specialising in watercolours, his attention to detail and depth create beautiful still lifes.

He can find his works for sale within in our stores.