Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a very special to us here at Xocolatl. A celebration honouring the mothers in our lives, and the influence that women have within our society, their innate need to care and nurture is so important for each of us. There is nothing like a mother’s love.

A special mum whom we would like to show our appreciation for is Jenny. The matriarch behind Xocolatl :)

Jenny is without a doubt one of the most hard-working, caring, selfless and dedicated mums who goes above and beyond for her family, staff and business as a...

Artisans Inspired Chocolates on EASTER

Master Chocolatier Christos Partsioglou uses his knowledge and love of fine art to create culinary masterpieces. From traditional Belgian favourites, to innovative delicacies, his award winning chocolates offer moments of indulgence to be savoured over a superlative coffee of indulgent couverture.

Inspired by a range of artists and art movements, the eggs have become the canvas at Xocolatl this Easter. From Mondrian to Pollock, come and find something to inspire your tastebuds at Xocolatl.

Find his Easter Art Collection including Art Series and Easter Figurines online or at

New Summer Nibbles!

photo credit: Bec Dickinson

Here at Xocolatl, we are always coming up with new and innovative ways to stay cool over summer – while also indulging in delicious chocolate! This summer, we are excited to share with you our new frozen ganaches. With the lightness of ice-cream but intensity of chocolate, these bite-sized pieces of frozen ganache are light, refreshing, full of flavour and perfect for the warm summer days ahead!

Handmade in our kitchen and...

Handmade Icy Poles

There is nothing quite like an icy pole to cool down on those hot summer days, at Xocolatl we’ve made our very own Icy Poles and they are not just your average icy pole. Hand made in small batches in our kitchen, our mouth-watering Icy Poles are all natural, made with real fruit and completely free of added sugar, preservatives and artificial colours or flavours. They are fresh, juicy, packed full of flavour and are perfect for the kids.

Xocolatl Does India

An update from the Partsioglou family: Christos, Maddy and Chocolatina in India!

Having been in the chocolate industry for 11 years now, we have extensive knowledge in all things cocoa, but we never stop learning! We are always eager to see first hand the places, people and processes behind cocoa production. We decided to embark on a trip to wonderful India, to further our knowledge and understanding of the beloved cocoa bean, while also sneaking in some meditation of course!

On our trip, we were fortunate enough...