Easter 2016

As soon as Christmas finished, we began creating Easter Eggs to make sure we have enough stock for the people of Melbourne.

From traditional Easter Eggs to playful figurines to our Art Series collection – all are made with Belgian couverture, all are made with love.

Family to Family 
In support of family businesses in cocoa production, we only use Fairtrade certified couverture.

Due to our kitchen environment all our products MAY CONTAIN TRACES of nuts, gluten or dairy.
However, our Easter eggs have no added ingredients, therefore we have options available for vegan/lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant.

As we are artisans, we can run out of stock, so we suggest either placing orders or getting in order to ensure you get exactly what you are after.  Our Easter stock is available at both boutiques. 
Due to high risk in postage we do not sell our Easter Eggs online, but happy to take orders over the phone.

Easter Trading Hours
Canterbury                                                            Kew
Good Friday…           8am – 2pm                         CLOSED
Easter Saturday…     9am – 5:30pm                    9am – 5pm
Easter Sunday….      CLOSED                             CLOSED
Easter Monday…      CLOSED                             CLOSED

Orthodox Easter
We will continue making our Easter collection to ensure we have Easter stock for Orthodox Easter.

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